About Us

Chaz Hornecker, Owner Jade Elephant Beads. Photo by Cayla Nimmo, Star-Tribune

Nine years ago Emilee Toups Willard started Jade Elephant Beads and it quickly became more than a bead store. It’s a shop where customers will find always find a friend waiting for them to walk through the door.

“We’ve had countless people over the years that this is where they come when they need cheered up and they need a big warm hug or a listening ear and anything like that,” she said. “So I know with Chaz, it will continue to just be a really safe, really accepting space where people can go and bounce ideas off of each other. And we take care of people and people take care of us; and I’m sure that that will continue to be the direction that it moves in — just a really happy, beautiful environment.”

Recently Toups Willard sold the store to new owner Chaz Hornecker, a transaction that Toups said she felt was meant to be.

Hornecker plans to maintain the friendly, colorful, welcoming atmosphere that she felt, as a customer, since the first time she visited the shop.

“The very first time I walked in here, it felt really magical to me. I love all the colors. I love stones. I love supporting creativity,” Hornecker said. “And so every time I’d see something, I just was inspired to go home and create myself. So it was inspiring.”

Hornecker plans to add more gemstones, rocks, ocean inspired items, such as shells and beads.

Jade Elephant offers classes and pre-made jewelry as well. Check here to see the class calendar, or contact us today with any questions you may have.